What is an SuperFUE Hair Transplant?

SuperFue is a FUE Hair Transplant process developed by Advanced Hair Restoration over the course of transplanting 2 million FUE grafts. This process involves techniques and protocols of handling grafts, graft hydration requirements, placing strategy, and implementation of the latest FUE technology. Using this technique we have maximized graft survivability (matching that of FUT Linear grafts), reduced the duration of procedures (improving patient comfort and reducing time grafts are out of the body), and have increased the number of viable FUE grafts that can be harvested while still staying in the safe zone. Our industry-leading experience and these techniques allow us to surpass industry expectations and hypotheses of older studies.

– Choosing a hair transplant procedure is a decision that must be made with care, as the outcome will last your lifetime. For this reason it is imperative to choose a leading clinic. The Super process is proven, it works. 2 Million grafts and strong results support that. Patients with light hair, curly hair, thin hair, and with previous FUT(s) are sometimes considered challenging for FUE – Yet these are proven candidates with the SuperFUE process, and they do very well.



– The SuperFUE technique uses the latest innovation in automated FUE. This technology is instrumental in achieving the high quality, rate, and survivability of FUE grafts virtually unachievable with other tools. The device uses technology to automate the harvesting process while simultaneously offering additional hydration and reducing handling trauma.

– The device works by carefully extracting individual follicles one by one and does not cause a linear ear-to-ear scar that is seen with linear strip procedures


Hydration System

The SuperFUE technique is the only technique on the market using the dual-channel hydration system. This system allows every hair follicle to be channeled down a stream of solution immediately upon harvesting. This means that a follicle is no longer exposed to the risk of drying out and additional friction on its way down the tubing. The resulting grafts are among the most viable FUE grafts currently attainable.

SuperFUE Benefits & Clinical Experience

  • Instant Graft Hydration

  • Highest Expected Graft Survival Rate

  • Unique Graft Cooling Technology – Improved Graft Viability

  • Effective on the Most Diverse Set of Hair and Skin Types

  • No-Shave Option Available

  • Fastest Harvest Rate of any Technology Tested

  • Lowest Transection Rate of any Technology Tested

  • Mega-Sessions (2500+) are Possible in One Procedure Instead of Two or Three

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No Shave FUE

The No Shave FUE procedure is an extension of our Advanced FUE technique. In a typical FUE procedure it is necessary to buzz or shave a portion of the donor area (back of the head) where the grafts will be harvested from. The hair then grows back in the following weeks as in a typical hair cut. However, for some people this could pose an inconvenience or reveal that they had a hair transplant. Using the No Shave FUE Process, it is possible to harvest hair from the donor area without having the shave or cut the existing hair. Patients are able to leave the procedure with a greater amount of confidentiality and resume normal activities even faster. Feel free to ask our consultants if this option is good for you.