superFUE plus

Summary of the whole process of hair and eyebrow transplant with superFUE plus device (second generation)

  1. Scan and computerized analysis of head
  2. 3D and digital postoperative face design
  3. Laser growth design with laser hair line device in accordance with the result of the initial scan
  4. Sterilize and remove germs on the palm with DBD plasma device
  5. Painless numbness and bleeding with the needle-free machine of needleless anesthesia
  6. Using VR to increase relaxation and eliminate intraoperative stress
  7. Create smart micro slots monotone with the fully automatic machine of sp pneumatic
  8. With smart full automatic harvesting device of (harvest graft tie)
  9. Hair follicle maintenance in HGP material and proper temperature with HGPLS device
  10. Planting with the fully automatic device and automatic IMPGE
  11. Using a DBD plasma device to heal wounds and remove contamination at the planting site
  12. Special low power laser implantation to link and eliminate inflammation of hair transplant area
superfue plus

superfue plus

Unique benefits of hair and eyebrow transplantation with a robotic device of superFUE plus

  1. Using a new generation of 3D scanner device with the ability to analyze skin and hair new version of this device has capabilities including:

Scan power and analysis about 3 times more than past generation device

Visualize the image after hair transplantation with density and growth line.

Ten times more accuracy of measuring the depth of the root hair and identify multi-root and appropriate planting graphs

  1. Designing and drawing a very precise and advanced hair growth line with laser device (laser hairline) that makes it possible designing a hair growth line in the most natural way with millimeter precision.
  2. Using a DBD plasma device

First, the whole planting and harvesting environment is completely sterilized by strong pathogens such as bacteria.

It also enhances better blood supply to the skin surface and rapidly heals the wounds at the implant site

  1. Head anesthesia is done with a painless (needle-less superFUE plus) device and because there is no needle in the device so there is no pain and less amount of anesthetic material enters the body.
  2. No need for incision and stitching and bleeding and suture and scar line stay
  3. Creating uniform perfectly directional microchip at the right depth without the interference of human hands and errors by the smart device of (sp pneumatic) which will increase the effective clefts by 2 to 3 times at appropriate depths which will increase the possibilities of 2 to 3 times more hair transplants. The risk of necrosis of the scar eliminates damage to the skin and infection, as well as the appearance of a bird’s skin after hair transplantation, resulting in the most natural appearance.
  1. All hair removal procedures are performed by harvest graft tie fully automated intelligent machine that by this machine the best grafts with good thickness and multicellular thickness are removed without scar removal and damage to the underlying tissues is 1 to 2 times higher.
  2. Applying the device smart TV, sugar camera: with this technology, all stages of transplantation like endoscopic enlargement surgery increase the accuracy of implantation and maintain a normal follicular sleeping angle during implantation and maximize density, and this technology causes no damage during implantation. Do not cut the hair around the person.
  3. Using the HGPLS device and HGP magical dilution to maintain the sterile environment of the harvested follicles, maintaining optimal conditions in accordance with the body’s metabolism in order to prevent stress and shock to the follicles which in turn results in damage ranging from 20-30 % to below zero%. Leading to better graft growth. They get better in less time with better thickness.
  4. Using VR device: with the help of this device, the entire operation time can be watched in full comfort, or in the 3D model you wish to enjoy so that the patient can relax and reduce stress during surgery.
  5. Aerodynamic bed with massage mattress: because the client has to sleep for several hours during the operation. The aerodynamic bed with a massage mat will increase patient comfort without fatigue and low back pain and discomfort during the operation and better quality of operation time.
  6. Negative ion device: by this device and the creation of negative ions in the operating room, it prevents the penetration and spread od contamination to the planting environment and the environment inside the operating room.
  7. Use of the three highly advanced devices of ozone sterilization plus ultrasonic plus sterile plasma: using 3 states of the art devices including ultrasonic sterile plasma and ozone devices. It achieves high-quality sterilization 2 times more than other devices in 1 second, with no viruses or bacteria. It is worth that these devices are only available in the highly developed operating rooms of American hospitals, and the clients can safely transplant hair without any stress or disease.
  8. Usefully automatic sp pneumatic device: in the past technology for hair transplantation was first applied to the front incision blades, which due to human error could have been large or small, deep or shallow, with dense or scattered, inappropriate directions. The appearance of hair transplants could be different in each region due to the lack of integration of the bird skin and even scar. With the help of this machine all the problems related to human error are solved and in less time with a higher density ad much more uniform search.
  9. Harvesting with a fully automatic and intelligent (harvest graft tie) machine: this is a new generation of follicle harvesting machine and has the following distinct capabilities: Adjustable cannula rotation speed, adjustable angle for minimal bleeding and damage to the unique and unique design follicle and increase speed and precision of harvesting up to 2 times more non – invasive hair follicle transferability disposable and unique pens and the punching machine.
  1. Full – automatic and automatic IMPGE planting device: without causing harm to the follicles, it is performed in the proper order with maximum proper sleep and standard density.
  2. Due to the use of laser therapy in this method to eliminate the inflammation of the hair transplanted area ad faster recovery of the area and faster growth of the transplanted hair we will have a shorter recovery time than traditional methods.
  3. Faster growth of implanted hairs in this method, the implanted hair reaches the maximum implanted density after 6 to 9 months. Whereas in the previous methods it took 12 to 14 months to reach the implanted density.
  4. The possibility of removing hair from other areas of the body without scar and cutting line.
  5. The entire process of superfue+ is performed only at the state of the art, licensed mental health clinics with the direct supervision of leading academic professors.
  6. It is worth that due to the unique success of this method, it is the only approved method of Iran insurance for all loved ones who use this method for hair transplantation. If the person doesn’t get the proper outcome of the operation, he/she will be able to get a free refund or repair.